Europa sempre foi povoada por diversas etnias ao contrário do que pensam supremacistas brancos

Relação esporadica negra contactos 12400

Caring for victims of violence and its impact on the life of health professionals. Endereço para correspondência. Os dados coletados por meio de grupos operativos foram analisados à luz da Epistemologia Qualitativa. A product of qualitative research, whose aim was to understand the life impact of public servants who provide biopsychosocial care to children, adolescents and women affected by violence, this reflection involves professionals conjugal and family universe. Most of these professionals are women, since the role of carers is ascribed to them as a result of long-standing gender issues. The data collected by means of operative groups was analyzed in the light of Qualitative Epistemiology. The results indicated that these professionals strongly identify with the victims, arising from cultural symbolisms and values in relation to the construction of femininity and what it consists of being a woman in society. It must be stressed that this factor also has repercussions on the type of care given to the service users, given that the professionals, despite knowing that they need to adopt a differentiated stance in order to perform their activities in an efficient manner seeking coping strategies, at the same time feel mobilized by the accounts they hear and by the injured bodies, as well as by the illness arising from this occupation. Além disso, apresenta estratégias de enfrentamento, por elas elaboradas, para dirimir os efeitos nocivos desse ofício sobre si mesmas e garantir o trabalho junto às vítimas.

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