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This condition, together with all the symptoms of diseases that are evolved from it, has developed mainly within the 19 th century, and is especially frequent and severe in the Northern and Eastern portions of the United States. Nervousness, in the sense here used, is to be distinguished rigidly and systematically from simple excess of emotion and from organic disease. A new crop of diseases has sprung up in America, of which Great Britain until lately knew nothing, or but little. A class of functional diseases of the nervous system, now beginning to be known everywhere in civilization, seem to have first taken root under an American sky, whence their seed is being distributed. All this is modern, and originally American; and no age, no country, and no form of civilization, not Greece, nor Rome, nor Spain, nor the Netherlands, in the days of their glory, possessed such maladies. Pois sua efemeridade é mais-que-popular….

Pesquisa Gênero & Diversidade : Volume I

Editorial Possivelmente, todos nós, nas terras da Europa, nos parecemos. Temos uma sensibilidade comum perante a vida e as suas mudanças. Nesse dia, aprendi que o globo representava o mundo, e no mundo ficava a Europa, e na Europa, Portugal. Em abono da verdade, nem Viseu, aonde o meu pai ia todos os dias e pelos vistos também ficava nesse tal de mundo. Nessa época, o meu mundo resumia-se à casa onde vivia e às vinhas em volta que se espraiavam encosta abaixo, até perder de vista. Capa: Afonso Almeida.

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